2021 05 28-30 Geštalto teatro terapija (su Diego Marin iš Ispanijos)

2021 05 28-30 Geštalto teatro terapija (su Diego Marin iš Ispanijos)

Kviečiame jus į geštalto teatro terapijos savaitgalio seminarą, kur susitinka geštalto (Fr. Perls) ir K. Stanislavskio teatro principai. Ispanijoje yra daugiau nei trys mokymo centrai, kurie specializuojasi geštalto terapijos teatro mokymuose. Ir mes laaaabai džiaugiamės galėdami jus pakviesti į seminarą anglų kalba su treneriu Diego Marin iš Ispanijos. O 2021 metais planuojame paleisti dviejų metų tarptautinę mokymo programą, skirtą geštalto teatro terapijai.

Seminaras vyksta anglų kalba be vertimo, todėl ir tolimesnis renginio aprašymas yra tik anglų kalba.

Seminaro kaina – 220 eur.

Laikas, kaip įprastai – penktadienį nuo 17:00 iki 21:00 val., ir šeštadienį/sekmadienį nuo 10:00 iki 18:00 val.

Registracija į seminarą mokymai@gestaltoterapija.lt (Ingrida), tel.nr. +370 698 81194

Gestalt Theatre Therapy workshop for psychologists and psychotherapists


The development of self-awareness as well as the creative possibilities that this can bring is very important for human health.

Moving through conflict and interpersonal problems in a Gestaltic therapeutic framework opens up a wide and varied range of means of creative expression placed at the service of emotional and physical health.

The integration of awareness, movement and emotion in “the here and now” requires the use of all our senses. The Gestalt Therapy Theatre contributes to this.

What for?

It is a therapeutic workshop based on the principles of Living Theatre (K. Stanislavski) and Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls) that helps to have a:
– Greater acceptance of oneself and others.
– Greater spontaneity and ability to express and communicate (artistic and emotionally).
– Greater ability to approach problems (and conflicts) in a constructive way.
– Greater freshness and richness in the emotional reaction.
– More developed self-awareness and emotional well-being.

What will we do?

Through Gestalt Theatre Therapy we will:

– Explore about aspects of our personality through the construction of characters and role plays.
– Performing from the fictional, from the theatrical to re-connect through improvisation with our emotional memory, allowing access to personal experiences that facilitate greater self-awareness and integration of pending needs or personal unfinished situations.
– Have a better and clearer idea about how Gestalt Theatre Therapy can be applied in psychological frameworks in order to support people to raise awareness about themselves and their pending issues at emotional level.

Thearapist-trainer: Diego Marín (Spain)

Living in Spain, Bachelor Degree in Law by the Faculty of Law of Murcia. Diego is specialized in experiential learning and non formal education since 1997. For more than 15 years working with groups of various kinds, youth and social workers, teachers, health workers, trainers, public staff, groups of adolescents, prisoners, etc. He is a member of the Pool of trainers of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe, Spanish National Agency for Youth and the SALTO trainers Pool (Support for Advanced Learning and Trainining Opportunities).

He has received and learnt in the workshop about experiential integration of one’s death in Josep Maria Fericgla (Barcelona) in 1999. Diego is Gestalt therapist by the Gestalt Therapy School EIDOS in Murcia. He has realized the Long Term Training on Gestalt Theatre Therapy (Ttg) in the Spanish School for Gestalt Theatre Therapist of Claudia Fres. He has Psycho-integrative Gestalt (SAT modules) on Enneagram of Claudio Naranjo between 2008 and 2020. He has realized the Fisher process of therapeutic work with parental figures with the team CIPARH (Madrid) in 2010. It is currently in the process of training for certification as a Breathwork therapist Holotrópica.

Formed in social theatre in Spain, with the help of Yoshi Oida (actor and companion of Peter Brook (“The essence of the actor”), David Martinez (Theatre of the Oppressed), Anton Valen (The Way of the Clown) and Allan Owens (Pretext Drama). Since 2006 has been actively working in the field of Social Theatre in Spain and Europe realizing workshops and international training courses on that topic. Since 2014 he is delivering Gestalt theatre workshops with groups and individual clients.